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January 26, 2013
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Valentines day is a very confusing day. They say the day is magical. They say the day is powerfull in emotion or say the day is to die for. You were walking to a coffee shop to meet your boyfriend. Since is Valentines Day you bought him a plushy teddy. It was a sweet treat to do for your loved one. The bright smile on your face was something that didn't vanished. Happiness was your world. You always saw the bright side of the problems in life.

Reaching the coffee shop and opening the door with ecstasy, you saw your boyfriend, but before you could run and hug him, something made you stop dead in your tracks. He was making out with a blonde and sluty girl. Your smile vanished and when he broke the kiss with the girl, he saw you. You tought he may feel guilty, but all he did was smirk in a cocky way. You exited the shop and walked away, trowing the gift in a trash and forgetting about what was. Love sure was blind. How couldn't see it coming. Sure, you and him were together for two years, but maybe all this love promises were fake and nothing, but sweet lies.

You noticed the the darkness was coming close and a strange feeling shot trough your body. It was that feeling that something bad, yet exciting will happen. It was new to you, but you didn't hated it one bit. You heard the sound of a motorcycle coming close into town. The town were you lived was very small and all people knowed each other like they were friends from kindergarten. In the distance you saw a motorcycle and a man on it. As it got close you could see the lights radiating from it. He parked next to the coffee shop you were in moments ago and got up from his motorcycle.

From what you could tell, the man was in his early 20. He had redish, brown, dark hair with a stubborn cowlick. His skin was tanned and as he slipped his shades in his dark hair, you could see his eyes. They were a hypnotizing crimson red that said 'devil' from a mile away. He wore an old white T-shirt and an old, dark bomber jacket. His jeans were a light blue and ripped, stained with some dirt on them. Obviouly he traveled alot just by looking at his old red converses. You saw a glint from his chest and as you looked closer they were a pair of dog tags. As you were looking at him, he meet your gaze and looked you up and down, keeping a cool face, then smirking like the devil.

He turned around and entered the coffee shop, slamming the door shut. Your eyes were wide with an emotion you couldn't put your finger on. It was a foreign sensation, almost evil. You sighed and tried to calm yourself down. Maybe you were too paranoid. Then a crash was heard and you saw your ex-boyfriend lieng in the parking-lot with millions of glass pieces on the ground. Your eyes weren't glued to him, but to the devil himself. The dark tanned man was holding that blonde girl by her throat, almost crushing her neck, then he trowed her on a car, making her scream in pain and fear.

Everyone was beyond shocked and full of fear and awarness of this mysterious man. Never, in this town, had come someone like him. He was cunning, blood-thirsty and evil...It may sound strange as I tell you, but it sounded good. This adjectives who are negative in your eyes they're as good as the chocolate.

He made his way to you, taking your wrists and dragging you by force on his motorcycle, pulling you behind him. In instinct, you wrapped your arms around his waist. From inside if bomber jacket he pulled out what looked like....dynamite and trowed it were the people were. Right after the dynamite left his hand he drived as fast as he can away. As you two were far away from town a bomb was heard along with innocent and painfull screams. You heard him chuckle and you opened your eyes, looking in front of you at the road.

"W-Who are y-you? W-Why?" you asked in a shaky and fearfull whisper. He just smirked evilly, but you couldn't see him.

"I just couldn't let a pretty girl like you all alone on Valentines Day, right?" he said in a sulty and dark voice.

"As for who i am, call me Al. We're gonna take a trip around the Wild West and show you a ride you wouldn't forget." he said, his voice was like one of a demon, no, one that belonged to the devil.

"H-How can i trust you?" After all, you just meet him. You cannot trust strangers and besides, he screamed clearly 'DANGER'.

"I just saved you from that shitty ass of a hole town. Besides you don't have a choice, doll." So he didn't gave you a choice, but he does saved you from sorrow. What a strange way to save someone, by blowing the persons town down. He was a heroic villian. A snake with red eyes that could get what he wanted by whispering sweet lies.

"Now...Just hold tight, enjoy the ride and I'm gonna show you a whole new world. See it trough my eyes and you will smile." he whispered, with some amuzament and lust in his voice. You didn't know what to say. It was too soon, but your home town was just ashed now and your only choice is 'Ride along with the Devil'.

"A-Alright." you said with indiference.

"Sweet!......Let's get started then!...YEE-HAW!!!!~" With that said, he drive with you by his side on dusk, taking in every moment with you.

He sure was the devil himself and so, he managed to charm another damsel in sorrow.

And not the first and last one.
:bulletred:My part of my ArtTrade with :iconxxmaggi-jonesxx:

I hope you like it!~:heart:

I always got something for 2p!America on a motorcycle. Just HOT DAMN~ ;D
I really am into Western Time now. XD

I don't own anything, but the story.
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Girl: Do u even want to be with me forever?
Boy: No
Girl: Do u even like me?
Boy: No
Girl: Would u cry if i walked away?
Boy: No
She heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyes
The boy grabbed her arm
Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful
Boy: I dont want to be with u forever...I need to be with u forever
Boy: I dont like u...I love u
Boy: I wouldn't cry if u walked away......I would die if u walked away.
Boy Whispers: Plz stay with me
Girl: I will...
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This stuff isn't true so no need to place it everywhere cuz people will just be mean about it. Also those kida things are just made up crap so if it gives u 10 years of bad dating luck ill give you 40 years of good dating luck so no need to spam the internet with this kinda stuff.
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Aww damn now I can't get 2p America on a motorcycle out of my head :/.... Which isn't a bad thing but damnit I can't enjoy the mental image at school :c
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