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You lend on the lockers and waited for your friend to get the things from her's. Like always, she tried to think which books she needed and you couldn't help, but to be a good friend and you wait for her. You sighed in annoyance, your temper at a middle level and still increasing. You were a very impatient person and your friend knew that, but is seems like she was enjoying it to the fullest.

You looked from the floor up and saw on the other end of the hallway some boys picking on a smaller boy. The school was well known to be the most dangerous place from the city. Why? Well, it was because of some boys who caused troubles to everyone, not even the principal could do a thing about it. Were the teachers were at the point of losing their sanity with them and the students? Lets just say that they tried their best to keep space between the 'Bad Boys'.

"Hey [Name]? I got my things ready to go home," your friend pulled you out from your day dream. You just looked at her with a bored face then back at the scene on the other end of the hallway. "Don't tell me that you want to help that poor guy?" your friend asked with a worried face and fear in her voice.

"So what if I am?" you reluctantly asked her, not showing emotions at all. You were the best when it comes to hiding your emotions, behind that neutral face of yours.

"Are you out of your mind?! They're just trouble. Look, I feel bad for the guy; none deserves to get in trouble with them, but still.....None wants to go to the hospital, right?" she said in a very stressed whisper, like she was going to lose her breath. Then someone run past the two of you, leaving screams of fear behind him. It was that guy that the boys picked on.

"See! I'm out of her, [Name]!" with that said she run as fast as her feet could. You looked at her with a confused face. Then you feel a hand gripping your shoulder and spinning you around facing five guys. Alfred; the most troublesome of the gang with a baseball bat full of nails in his right hand, Arthur; the crazy cook with the poisoned cupcakes, Francis; the Frenchman who smoked nonstop, Ivan; the quiet yet scary Russian and the most intimidating, Matthew; the Canadian who could make even a bear beg for mercy.

"Well, well....look what we got here?" Alfred said with a smirk on his face, putting an arm over your shoulder and making you roll your eyes.

"Your name is [Name], isn't it? I'm happy to see you!~" Arthur said with a sick grin and clapping his hands together like a child. You couldn't believe he was almost eighteen years old.

"Shut the fuck up, you cupcake idiot!" Alfred growled at the blue-and-pink-eyed Englishman. Yeah, it was usual to see Alfred insult everyone that pissed him off, which happened nonstop.
"Now, how about you and me go for some fun in the bathroom?~" he said and eyed you up and down. You could feel your skin crawl at what he said.

"How about no?!" with that said from you, you stomped on his feet and ran away as fast as you could.

"Damn it, bitch! I'm gonna catch you!" he yelled curses over curses at you, not like you could hear him since you were too far away to hear anything.

"I'm gonna catch her." the Canadian said in a monotone voice as he run after you. You were in so much trouble. Not only you pissed Alfred, a very infamous bad boy of the town off, but that meant only that you were gonna face the wrath of his 'friends'. You ran into a alleyway to catch your breath. Relief hit you when you saw than none followed, which meant luck was on your side for a moment at last.

"You know, you shouldn't have done that." someone whispered in your ear, making you get ready to run, only to be caught by the wrist and pinned to the wall. Your [eye color] eyes meet lavender ones which pierced your soul. It was Matthew; Alfred's friend and brother.

"Running away is useless, 'ya know?" he said as his grip on your wrist grow up, making you groan in pain.

"And what did you expected me to do? Stay there and be killed by your brother?" you said, sarcasm dripping your voice. He just closed his eyes and chuckled, making you more confused.

"That's right, but now Alfred is really pissed and trust me you don't want to see him like that." he said and cupped your cheek with his hand, making you shake a little in fear at what he might do to you.

"Are you going to drag me to him, now? Or what?" you said and glared at him, trying to show that you're not afraid.

"No. I'm going to give you a choice. You can be my girlfriend and I promise you, that dickhead Alfred won't hurt your pretty face.....Or I can beat and kill you right here and right now. So what is your choice, my dear?~" he whispered in your ear, making waves of fear run up your body. You weren't the scared type, but this guy was sure something that you wouldn't want to see him angry.

"All right…..I'm going to be your girlfriend." with that said, you let out a groan escape your lips, when you saw a smirk on his face. He sure enjoyed to tease and scare you.

"Perfect. Now let's go." he said and dragged you by the wrist to God knows where.

"Hey, hey! Wait a minute! Where are we going!?" you asked very annoyed by his demanding mood.

"To my house." With that simple reply, he ignored you the whole way to his house. You already knew what he had in mind and you begged that it wouldn't be what you that it would be.

~Time Skip~

You and Matthew reached his house and unlucky for you Alfred was there. The universe was hitting you very badly upside the head today, huh?

"What did yo-…..YOU!? You're so gonna fuckin' pay for what you did!" Alfred scream on and on, he sure was angry, you could tell by the look in his eyes. Just when he was about to punch you in the face, Matthew caught his fist, before it made contact with your face. You were kind of surprised. So he didn't joked when he said he was going to make sure none was going to beat the crap out of you.

"Huh?! Go out of the way damn annoying fuckin' Canadian!!! I need to get ride of this little bitch!!!" the red eyed American said, more annoyed than before.

"I'm going to take care of her. You, just go fuck yourself off and don't bother me or her, get it?" the Canadian said in a very intimidating voice. Alfred just looked at you with a frown.

"You're one damn lucky bitch. Whatever." With that said the American went in the kitchen, muttering some curses under his breath. You sighed in relief. You preferred to be with the intimidating Canadian than with the hot tempered and dangerous American. At last Matthew could hold his temper.

"Upstairs. Now." Matthew said in a demanding voice, not giving you a second choice. So, you just obeyed him. As the two of you made your ways upstairs, he caught your wrist and pulled you into a room. You presumed it was his, because of all the hockey sticks and posters with hockey teams. He locked the door and sat on his bed, pulling you onto his lap. "[Name]~…" he breathed your name in your ear, making you shiver in fear and excitement.

Wait a minute! Excitement? Sure, why not…to tell the true you had a little bit of crush on the blond Canadian. Why? Let's face it. He was good looking….more than that, handsome and his intimidating and demanding personality was something to die for.

"You're so damn hot~" he said with a sexy growl that send shivers to your core. His voice was such a turn on for you. You had to admit, you always had a thing for bad boys. Your hands made their ways to his hair as he began to suck and kiss your skin, covering it with hickeys and love bites.

"Ooooohhh~……Matt~" you moaned and could feel him smirk on your neck when you called his name. As he continued his kissing and biting, you grinded on him, earning a growl of pleasure from him. His hands made their way to the end of your shirt, tugging at it and in a second it was off, exposing your [favorite color] bra to him. His kisses continued down to your collarbone where he leaved another series of hickeys and so other moans made their way out of your mouth.

"You're so sexy I cannot hold it anymore~" he said as he grabbed your butt cheeks and gave them a squeeze, making you jump a little on his lap. You could feel his already hard one on your thighs trough both of your jeans. His hands went up to the hook of your bra and in an instant the lacy material was off, exposing your beautiful breast to him. He licked his lips and in a blink of an eye, his mouth was on one of your nipples, sucking, biting. You trowed your head back and moan loud enough for someone inside the house to hear.

"Mmmm~…" your moans were music to his ears, he could do anything to hear this sounds of an angel. Your hands pulled on his red shirt, letting him know what you want. He pulled away from your breast, to your annoyance you pouted. You wanted to see him naked, but at the same time his mouth on your breast was something you wanted….no….needed very badly.

"Eager, are we?" he said with a smirk as he began to undress himself, leaving him just in his red boxers. His body was something you could die for, he was like a sex God, something every girl wanted to have and to your luck, you were that girl.

"Like what you see?~" he asked as wiggled his eyebrows, making you look away and blush. He pinned you down on the bed, unbuckled your belt and slide your jeans down your legs teasingly slow, making you frown at him. This was just making him smirk, that kind of cocky smirk that said ' I'm gonna win for sure'. He moved his mouth to your neck again and before you know, his hands were at your womanhood, playing with your clit trough your soaked wet panties. Moans of pure pleasure escaped your lips, making you close your eyes, savoring every single bit of it.

His hands pulled on the waistband of your panties, pulling them down your thighs, to your ankles and then off. His mouth made his way to your womanhood, giving you a long and slow lick. This made you shiver in pleasure, your nails dipping in the palms of your hand. First, he began to suck slowly, driving you crazy on the edge of pleasure, then his sucks got faster and so do his lickings. With a final long lick, you came. He licked every single drop of your sweet love juice.

"Now. Let's get to the real thing~" he said with a lustful smirk on his devilish handsome face. He pulled his boxers down and trowed them in a corner of his room. You were a little scared, but you pulled that thought away. None knew this and you never told anyone, but you were kind of a masochist when it came to love and sex. You are a virgin, but it always excited you the idea of rough sex. He positioned himself at your entrance and with a fast trust he was full into you. You let out a scream of pain mixed with waves of pleasure. The feeling was strange, but at the same time the best thing you feel in your whole life.

"You okay?" he asked, a little concerned. You nodded and sighed a little, trying to adjust yourself to his size. Let's face it, he was above average. After a minute, you moved your hips on his, letting him know that you were all right. He began to move his hips on yours slowly, but you wanted it rough.

"F-Faster." You groaned and moaned, wanting him to move faster and harder. He just smirked at your flushed and frustrated face.

"Beg for it then." He said grinning at your face. You wasn't the type to beg or to fall so easily, but you needed him more than anything. You could take it anymore.

"Damn it! Just fuck me, already!!! I want you to fuck me like there's no tomorrow!" with that said, his speed increased and you were pulled into a whole new world of pleasure, pleasure than you thought it didn't existed. The skin slapping against skin echoed trough the room, like the moans and groans of your and your lovers mouth. With a final trust you both came. He pulled out of you and laid down next to you, panting and trying to catch his breath.

"You're one hell of a woman, [Name]~" he said with a grin. You just giggled and you pulled him into a sweet loving kiss.

"You weren't that bad yourself to tell the true." You said and smirked, then the door bust open, only to see Alfred with a flushed and annoyed face.

"Damn you two! Stop this shit, is fuckin' annoying!" he said and punched the door with a fist. The Canadian just rolled his eyes, then you giggled, making both of them confused.

"What's so funny, bitch!?" the dark haired American asked with a frown.

"Look down at your pants." You said and held your hand to your mouth stop your laugh. He looked down, only to blush more at the sight of the huge bulge in his pants.

"Damn it! Is all of your fault!" with that said he slammed the door shut and went away.

"Nice one, [Name]." The blond Canadian said with a smirk. You pulled him into a kiss and cuddled next to him, until you both feel asleep in each others arms.

Seems like you found yourself a bad boy, huh?

:bulletred:Request for :iconhondamiho:

It was kind of hard to write this, because well.....2p!Canada's personality is very hard to putXD

I wanna thank :iconittybittykitty101: for helping me with the grammar and spelling:aww:

I don't own Hetalia and the characters.
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