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January 30, 2013
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Walking with your head down the hallways of the school and keeping as quiet as possible, with your hood over your head. Everyone would say something rude or mean about you. Just because you got the best grades and always keep the rules straight. You wanted no problems, no fights, just peace and silence. You finally reached your locker and opened it, putting your books you didn't need and only keeping the ones you needed.

Before you could close the locker, someone else did it, slamming it with brute force, making you step back a little in fear. Your eyes were glued from the floor to piercing violent eyes. You didn't need to look at his face, only his eyes could tell you who he was.

Matthew Williams, or how he prefered to be called, Matt. He was the most scary and intimidating guy of the school, along with his brother, Al. Matt seemed to take a liking in messing with you. Each day pushing, tripping or making fun of you, it was like, his favorite hobby, besides beating the crap of annyone who was messing with him, and playing hockey. Even though everyone would make fun of you, they knew that they shouldn't mess with you while Matt was there. He was like your personal bully.

"Hey there, four-eyes." he said in a scary voice. Lucky, his brother wasn't here, because with two of them, it was living in the hell. You just kept quiet, knowing that you couldn't say much. He hit your head, making you hit the lockers a little.

"Keep your eyes on me and pay attention! I HATE to be ignored." he said in a deadly voice. One thing was clear about him, he hated to be ignored or mistake with annyone else. It was like stepping in a bear trap.

"S-Sorry." you shuttered, looking at him with fear in your eyes. He smirked and brought his hand closer to your face. You closed your eyes, ready for a slap or hit, but it didn't come. Only, a hand stroked your cheek in a gentle manner. You opened your eyes, looking at him. His expresion changed from one of indimidation and darkness to one of confussion and sadness. It was a new thing. He never made this kind of faces.

"Why?" he asked in a monotone voice.

"W-Why what?" you asked, confused about what was he talking. It was so confusing and it gave you a headache.

"You're the only one...who makes me feel like this...I hate it." he said, the last three words full of venom and hate.

"I-I don't k-know what are y-you talking about." this time your voice got a little louder, but only a little. He punched a locker, making a huge hole in it. This only scared you.

"You gave me this shitty ass feeling. Like there are butterflies in my stomach or some fuckin' shit you girls call it." he said, gripping your shoulders, making you yelp in pain.

"I-It's called l-love." you said, this time your voice dieing down. He began to chuckle, but it was only mocking you.

"Love? Don't say this bullshit! Do you think I give a crap about love?! Love is for the weak, this fuckers who are gonna die or gonna be under someone boots one day." he said, his words piercing your skull. It hurt to hear it, but mostly from him. You actually loved him, but you knew that confessing your feelings would only do wrong. You didn't reply and only stayed silent.

"Say something, bitch! Stop ignoring me!" he screamed, making tears follow down your cheeks. When people bullied or teased you, you didn't cried, knowing thta it wouldn't help the situation, but this time, it was shooting right into your heart. When he saw your tears, he couldn't help, but the guilty overtook him. He insuled many people, hell even adults and old ones, but he never gave a crap or paied any attention to their feelings. This time it was you. You were something else on this side, it was like he cared about you, like he wanted to protect and make you happy....He loved you.

I love her.

His eyes were wide open, when he heard this words in his head, on and on. It was true, he loved you. If he didn't he wouldn't give a single thing about your crying or tears. You sobbed, then a pair of arms were pulled around you. It was Matt. He was hugging you. This was a shock, because never in his life has hugged he someone. It was like someone else.

"M-Matt?" you broke the silence.

"I'm sorry." he whispered in your shoulder. He just apologized? He never did it. What was happening to him.

"You were right, [Name]. I do love you.....The question is, would you love me back?" he asked in a quiet and monotone voice.

You didn't knew what to do. Give him a chance, even after all the things he put you trough? Did he deserve a second chance?

"Y-Yes." you whispered, hugging him back.

Pulling back from the hug, he kissed your forehead.

Maybe he did deserve another chance.
:bulletred:My part of my ArtTrade with :icontalyn-chan:

I hope you like it :heart:

I don't own anything, but the story.
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