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June 21, 2012
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You were on your way to school, bored and sleepy. You sometimes asked yourself why did you always have to spend most of the night watching horror movies. Your were dressed for school like the casual tomboy you were, red baseball hat, your favorite [fav color] T-shirt with your favorite band, a blue cowboy style scarf on your neck, black fingered gloves with some spike style jewels, ripped [fav color] jeans, black converses and headphones on. You were on skateboard as usual to school, since this is what you loved to do.

You were a tomboy in all the ways possible. You liked rock and hip hop music, skateboarding, football, basketball, baseball, typical tomboys things. You finally arieved at school and like everyday, all the girls were with the so called 'Bad Touch Trio'. This guys always were crowed by millions of girls, kissing their asses like there was no tomorrow.

You didn't understand why all the girls were so gaga for this three, they were dicks who broke girls hearts like it was a job, annoying bastards in two words. You didn't gave a damn about this three, you hated them, especially Gilbert. HE. WAS. THE. MOST. ANNOYING.

"Hey there, [Name]!" you heart your best friend [best friend name] call for you. You turned around and saw her.

"Oh, hi there [best friend name]." you said as she approached you.

"So, I see the girls have already worshiped them." she said looking at the crowd of girls.

"Don't mention it." you said with an annoyed face.

"I see you're already on needles, eh?" she said with a chuckle.

"This three are just dicks, seriously now. I wonder if they really have at last 1 piece of brain." you said making a not impressed face.

"But why do you care so much, [Name]? Do you love them and you are jealous?" she asked you eying you.

"Fuck NO!!! Are you crazy or what?!" you yelled, loud enough for the three to hear. Gilbert saw you and a smirk crossed his face, Francis just made his usual 'ohonhon' and Antonio eying you up and down with a glint in his green eyes.

"Girls~...We need to go now, but see ya in class~" Gilbert said to the crowd of girls, all the three winking at them at the same time, making them squee. You said goodbye to your friend and you saw the trio making their ways to you, with smirks and grins on their face. goes nothing.

"Hey there Frau~...What is a girl like you here all alone by herself?~" Gilbert said getting closer to your face.

"Sure something...but not with you." you said with an annoyed voice.

"Mon ami is right~...Are you waiting for someone?...Maybe moi?~" Francis said winking at you, it made you want to hit your head on the walls.

"Sooo~...Chica~...You look rather alone, verdad, amigos?" Antonio said playing with a piece of your [hair color] hair.

"Ja, that's what I said at first...So hang out with us, Mädchen?~" he said, all of them grinning like perverted idiots, which they were.

"Hmmm...No." you said and walked away. They looked like they were hit by a car. Of course, they are used that the girl always says yes to them, but not you. They were turned down, for the first time in their life.

"I can' believe she turned moi down.." Francis said in a dramatic voice.

"Amigos...I feel so hurt." Antonio said with his face down, sure his ego hurt like hell.

"I'm awsome!!! Hell yeah, beyond awsome!!! Why did she turned us down..I mean I know you guys aren't as awsome as me....but still.." Gilbert said, his ego getting the better of him like always.

"That's it!!!" Gilbert pulled his friends by their collar shirts and looked at them with a grin that said trouble, trouble for you.

"[Name] may turned us down this time...but we are gonna break her...Oh yeah~...Is time to show her what a real man looks like~" he said, their friends grinning like him, is like they could communicate in thoughts. They turned on their heels to school, facing it.

"Just wait, [Name]~...You're gonna be ours~" Gilbert said as the Trio made their ways in the class.

[Name] just didn't know what she got herself into...


I started a story with the BAD TOUCH TRIO!!!:D In the high school days~....Kesese~XD

I'm gonna make like over 20 chapters on this story...So all I have to say is that is gonna be long...VERY long.

Is so funny, because this is a little based on my high school days in my 9 grade and on my dreams in the Hetalia high school:la:


Damn!!Why are this three so hot!?>.< They act like dicks and I still like them?o_O....Oh well....

Chapter 1: You are here~
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link] Final

I don't own Hetalia, the characters and preview picture.
Preview picture from
Story is mine
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aka im screwed O-O
nice set up tho cant wait to see the crap I get myself into :3
Shaox-Zoe Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014
ohhh crapppp im in trouble Spain halp me!
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Getting my shotgun ready 
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By the amount of ~'s, I'm going to guess Reader-Chan has already gotten in too deep.
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Oh Damn this is my frist time reading a BTTxReader story I love SPAIN!!!! Forgive me for my outburst but oh man I find him HOT!!!!
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I am going to love this SO. DAMN. MUCH.
starthecool Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
It so like me :3
Im also a tomboy and speak (kinda) like that :D
Flames-of-awesome Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nordicgurl4ever Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013

I would've been like: Shits going down..... XD

This is really awesome bye the way!


14pip14 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
im really a tomboy but i wear girly stuff to hide behind it..... most of the time i look at what im wearing half way through the day and its like 'WTF DID I PUT ON MY SELF!!!!!!!!!' and my friends are all tomboys so they think it looks ok by gg standards. so i just give up and facepalm and walk away with little dignity. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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