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August 26, 2012
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Today was a sunny day, perfect for going outside on a nice walk. You weren't walking, you were running like hell to the video game store. A new game was going to come out and you were going to be the first one who were going to buy it. In town almost everyone knew you, because of your loud, hyper and friendly personality. Of cours not everyone was your friend, but they were still nice to you and you were nice back.

"Come on! I cannot be late!" you yelled to yourself while running. The video game seller knew you by heart. Every day you were there to look for something. You didn't look where you run and bumped into someone, resulting you on top of whoever was. You opened your [eye color] eyes to meet violet beautiful ones. It was a guy, almost the same age as you by his looks. He had blond hair with a strange curl and the violet eyes that belonged to an angel.

"I'm sorry that I bumped into you. I didn't saw you!" you said in a nervous voice, getting up and offering him a hand of help to get up. He acceped it and got up too.

"I-Is alright. I-I'm used t-to p-people not seeing m-me." He said in a shy and quiet voice, looking down and  blushing a little. He was so cute and adorable with this shy attitude. It made you blush and space out.

"N-No! Is not like I didn't see you. I was running and not looking were I was going. I'm sure if I looked up I would saw you." You said with a goffy grin. Out of the corners of your eyes you saw what looked like a polar bear.

"Is this your pet?" you pointed at the fluffy animal, besides him. He looked at the pet and smiled.

Yes, is..umm…I think he's name is Kumajirou." he replied.

"Who are you?" the bear said. Wait a minute the bear talked?!

"He talked!?" you yelled, shocked and surprised.

"Yes, h-he can talk and I'm Canada." The guy said to you and the bear.

"Your name is Canada? I'm [Name]." you asked him.

"Well, that's how most people call me or if they remember, but my name is Matthew." Matthew said and looked down with a sad face. It was from the fact that none could remember him and he was always ignored. You feel bad for him, none deserved to be ignored.

"H-Hey! No need to be sad! I'm not gonna forget you. I never forget a face, specially a cute one~" you said with a wink and a goffy grin. At that the Canadian blushed  crimson red.

"Y-You think I-I'm c-cute?" he suttered and blushed with wide eyes. You couldn't help, but to giggle.

"Yes! You're very cute and trust me, I don't say something if I don't mean it…..Hey! I have an idea. Let's go eat something. I'm hungry and by your face I'm sure are you too. Wanna eat pancakes with maple syrup!?~" you said in a hyper and excited voice.

"S-Sure…H-Hey!" he aid as you grabbed his wrist and run with him, not before catching his polar bear pet in your other arm. Matthew couldn't believe that someone actually noticed him and you invited him to eat something at that. You three arieved at the restaurant and entered it. You eat the delicious treat, pancakes with maple syrup. It looks like it was both your favorite food.

"It was delicious! Wasn't it?~" you asked him with a smile. He smiled back and blushed a little.

"Y-Yes, it was." He said and looke down, his blush increasing. You couldn't take it anymore! He was just to cute!~ Then you did something that made his eyes go wide with surprise and love. You kissed him, not on his cheek, but on his lips. The kiss was a bit forceful, but it had that sweetness and innocence. You pulled away and looked at him with your signature grin.

"I had a lot of fun! Maybe we should go out more! Here is my number. Call me if you need someone to talk to!~" with that you pulled him into a tight hug and run away waving at him goodbye. He stayed frozen for a minute then smiled. Maybe today was his lucky day and your too.

The start of a new friendship or who knows? Maybe love?
:bulletpink:Request for:iconmookiethecookieninja:

I think I'm falling with every day that passes more and more in love with Canada. He is such a cute and adorable guy, don't you think?:iconpurpleheartplz:

I wish love was more easy and well....TRUE in real life. Seems that just stories have the true love.

I don't own anything, but the story.
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