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May 28, 2012
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We all got to be at the top...

You was very well known on the seas in the world...First Female Pirate.You looked like any girl,but your attitude changed the look.You was never once submissive,even with all this mens on your ship,they never dared to touch you or to treat you like any other sea whore..Oh No.That really wasn't going to happen'...or so you thought?

You were now curently lookin at the sea that was like your own world.Your look was something that many womans in the old days wished to looked like.Your white shimmy tight on your torso and breasts,the dark blue shorts tight on your ass,the long black leather boots,the dark blue coat with red old fashioned ornaments,the signature captain black hat with a red big feather,the creamy porcelain skin and red luciouse lips with the big irestible eyes and your [h/l],[h/c] hair,you was the sea beauty.You was one of the most riches pirates that went on the seas.Your sword attached on your belt in case,well anythings happens.In your entyire pirate life you have encountered many dangers and you learned from mistakes.

The breeze of the sea was something you loved,but you missed the old days when you looked like an innocent little girl who played with dolls and animals.And to think that girl was you and were a cruel cold-hearted pirate.Your mother always wished you to be the perfect wife with a great family and a lovely husband.These were just dreams that little girls thought off,you had no time for a husband and children..the fuck was wrong with your mother?You really couldn't stand little children with their unstoppable cries for their parents.Life was cruel and you knew this well.

"Captain!We spoted a ship in the distance,what should we do?"your "right hand" crew member said.
"Keep on positions and get ready!"you ordered and in no time every member of the crew was on their posts.You was used to this kind of things,spotting ships,fighting,but...what you didn't know is that this wasn't just like any ordinary pirate you had meet.

Then a cannon ball was released,almost shooting your ship.Then another one and so on.
"Shot on!!!You bloody gits!!"you ordered at the crew members and so on a fight was released between the two ships.Some crew members from the enemie ship got on your ship fighting with your crew members.Swords clinging together and metal sounds and screams of anger,pain was heared.

Then you saw HIM...From the first look you could tell anytime...Arthur Kirkland,the most infamouse pirate on this seas.Blonde shaggy hair,pircing eremald eyes that could shot trought your soul,pirate clothes,red coat,eye patch,captain hat with the fluffy feather on top and the sword in his hand.You got ready to fight this bastard,but waited for him to make the first move,you wasn't going to make such a foolish mistake,you was better than that and you knew very well this.When the both crew member ships stoped in their tracks and looked at both of the captains.It was quiet,then Arthur broke the silence.

"So,you're [full name]?The first female captain pirate in the entire world?I must say dear that you look to fragile to be a pirate,besides pirates are just for mens to be."he said in an arrogant smarty tone whice annoyed the hell of you.How dare he say that womans cannot be pirates!What you hated the most is when means thought that the female humanity was under their status.Racism,nothing more to say.You tried your best to control your anger,whice was hard,considering that cocky smirk of his.You glared at him,anger boiling in your veins.

"Now now, need to make such a face,it ruins your beautiful features of yours~"he said getting closer to you.You wasn't going to let your guard down,just because he gave you a simple nice comment.You knew pirates,after all you where one of them.They are willing to do anything to gain what they wanted...and in the end they got it,one way or another.This time you wasn't going to wait,so you aimed the sword at him,just to block it with his sword.You got your sword free and aimed again and so on the fight contiuned...untile you got on one of the old day tricks If you could call them.He blocked your sword and swung his sword in a way that made you lose your grasp from it and you  fall on the ground,then in a blink of eyes his sword was pointed at your chin.

"Looks like I won...pore little [Name]~"he said in a mocking voice.
"Stop mocking me and calling me little you damn asshole!!"you yelled at him,despite your actual position.
"I don't think that you're in anny position to use such words..."he was really pissing you off"I suggest you to surrender or I'm gonna blow this ship up in no seconde or better...I'm gonna kill your every loved member of this crew and let you watch it...ot be a good girl and come with me...your choice."he said.You may be a cruel pirate,but you loved your crew members despise the fact that you treate them like scum bags.You sighed in defeat,embarassed that you was really that weak.

"Alright,but you better keep your promise or I swear that I'm gonna kill you with my bare hands." you said,venom in your voice.
"Don't worry,love~..I always keep my promise."he said as you got up and went with him and his crew member just when you turned around you saw that all your preciouse and valuable belongings were taken in his ship.You was very angery dare he steal from you!
"Oi!What do you think you're going-"you was cut off when he placed his index finger on your lips."I may said what I said....but I get everything that should be mine...including you and your very special belongings."he said with a smirk.Yeah...fooled by a ironic huh?

When everything was on his ship it stared off and went far away from your now empty ship with its members that didn't know what to do.You knew very well and your members ship to that If they went to search you,they would be death in no time.

You were now far far away from your ship and millions of thoughts where running in your mind.Arthur headed you to a cabin,he opened the door,his cabin...wait a minute!?His cabin?!

"You're kind of jocking right?I'm not gonna stay with"you said little embarassed by the fact that you were forced to share a cabin with him.Befor you could say another thing he had pinned your wrists with one of his hands on the wall in a death grip.

"W-What are you doing?!"you demaned,annoyed with yourself that you showed such weakness towards him.When you saw his face you almost fanited.You saw so manny faces on this seas on pirates,but his expression held so many emotions...wrong emotions that you couldn't discribe.His eyes were pircing your soul,like he could see underneat your clothes...and his sadistic was beyond insane and sick.

"Playing a little game called master&slave~..."he purred in your ear"...and i guess you already know who's the master here?~" he said as he licked your earlobe.

...but then someone drops you at the bottom."

*cough*Since I finished the Pirate Iggy oneshot,I wanted to make a little longer story with Pirate!England and I made the Reader a pirate to..just for the more funX3

I know the grammer sucks to no end-_- and the fighting part is fail to,but I suck at fighting parts so forgive meXD

The next part is gonna be more....interesting and*cough*excitable.
Pirate!England is just so much fun to write and got many ideas for this story.

I got this idea when I was in German class today.I got bored out of my mind,looked out the window and thought of some Iggy stuffs:iconiggybrowsplz:

Hetalia(c)Hidekaz Himaruya
I got the title this morning when i was dressing the song Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani was up and my first thought was....ENGLAND!!!!>w<:squee:Seriously,while listening to the song I swear I was feeling like England hips moved on mine:blush:
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animegirl38 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  New member
we all love the sexy brits
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oh how dear him >>

^^ I do love England though lol~
RaphaelaTheTurtel Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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OOH im writing(or trying) a story like this, with the reader being a pirate and all but yours is better!! :D
RaphaelaTheTurtel Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you^_^ I'm sure yours is going to be AWSOME!:D Just take your time and I'm sure is going to kiss ass X3
sylvalerie Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
haha thank u :D
silverstar0210 Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Student General Artist
when is the next one coming out?!?!? i MUST read on! i want to know what sick twisted things Iggy is gonna do to me!!!
RaphaelaTheTurtel Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm working on part 2.I guess I'm gonna finish it this week,but still I need to work on it:)
josie1130 Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love it. So much....


One thing *and I knowz you already said you knew about the grammer) I actually didnt think the grammer was bad at all except for the one thing where you kept saying 'was' when 'were' should have been used. But it really wasn't so kinda made it sounds piratey since they don't speak proper english anyway XD
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