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July 8, 2012
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)

You sometimes asked yourself why did you loved him and it always come up with an answer. It was because he could pleasure you like no other man could, teasing you, driving you at the point where you couldn't take it anymore. The way he made love to you, sometimes it was just lust, but you knew and he too that he loved you no matter what.

You were sitting on the couch reading a book and waiting for him to return home from another world meeting. You were in need of love and lust. This two feelings so much alike and still way different. It was a fight between love and lust, but is not like you cared if lust or love won. All that matters to you is the man of your dreams. That Russian man who could made even a bear shake in fear. How you loved when he got all dominant and rough on you, it made you happy and moan in pure pleasure.

Then you heard the door open and close, a smile crosses your face. You tossed the book on the table and went to him, hugging and giving him a kiss on that delicious looking lips.

"Hello there, sunflower~...How was your day?" Ivan asked you as he cupped your cheek in his hand. You smiled at him and hugged him, your head on his chest. You could hear the beat of his heart.

"It was good, but now that you're here is going to get better~" you said as you looked at him. He smirked at you, how you loved that smirk that could made your legs jelly and your heart like butter on a hot frying pan.

"So little [Name] wants to play?~" he said as he picked you up. You crossed your legs together on his waist, so that you won't fall. He held you by the hips and breathed cold air on your ear, making you shiver in excitement.

"You're so cute, [Name]~" he said as he licked your earlobe and nibbled on it, making you moan and close your easy in pleasure.

"Ohhh~...Ivan~" you moaned his name as you bite your lip, so that the moans will stop, not like you did a very good job. He moved his hands lower so that he cupped your butt with both of his large hands. Then he gave you a rough squezze making you buck your hips onto his. He growled sexy and pinned you to the wall, knocking the air out of you. Your eyes wided when you saw his expression. This face was different than the others he made when you two got into sex. He was like a predator that would catch his prey and eat it up.

"I-Ivan?" you said in a shaky whisper. The fear would be read over your face and voice. He moved his face closer to your ear, making you gulp at what he might do. You loved rough sex, but this was just creepy.

"[Name]'re such a slut." he said in a dark and cold voice. Your eyes wided at what he said. How could he say something like that? You wanted to say something, but is like your words were frozen in your throat.

"W-What?" you whispered, afraid to say something else.

"Don't play dumb with me, [Name]. I know what you did. You think you could hide something from me, [Name]? How foolish." he whispered, his voice full of anger, lust and hate.

"W-What are y-you talking a-about?" you asked him a a shaky voice, fear was covering you like a blanket, a cold blanket.

"Fucking with other men, what else!" he said as he got a fist full of your hair and yanked your head to his face, just two inches away from each others faces.

"Fuckin' Germany, Prussia.....Sounds familiar with you?" he said as he looked at you with a cold face, just hate and anger could describe it. Is true what he said. When he was gone for two weeks, you were really sexually frustrated and you had gone that far to actually screwing with the German and Prussian. You just looked at him with wide open eyes and mouth open. He closed his eyes and chuckled darkly.

"[Name] if you want to be screwed and fucked that hard, why don't I give you what you want~" he said as he kissed you roughly and hard. He just pushed his tongue into your mouth, not even asking for permission. You wanted to pull away. You knew now why you had sometimes wonders about why you wanted to run away. How could you love him, it was just lust, but at the same it you didn't cared. YOU NEEDED HIM.

Before you could blink, he ripped your clothes off, leaving you naked. He tossed you onto the couch, making you yelp. He stood there, in front of you, tall and dominant, ready to blow your brains off. He got ride off of his scarf and cloak. You drooled at the sight of his toned chest, abdomen. Hell everything about him made you drool. He unzipped his pants and pulled his already hard member out. Your eyes wided, not like you hadn't done this before, but it was just a surprise.

"Suck, sweety~" he said in a dominant voice and he mocked you when he called you 'sweety'. When he got sex angry he always mocked you with pets name. You got down on your knees and stroked him from the base to top. He growled in pleasure, how you loved when he made this noises and all because of you. You pulled the tip in your mouth and sucked on it, more moans followed from his mouth. You got more confident and pulled more on him, boobing your head. You swirled your tongue on his manhood, licked from the base to top, squezzing his balls. Millions of moan and groan filled the room. Before you could put him back in your mouth, he came. Your face and chest covered in his semen. You licked your hands clean of his juice. That taste made you want more, like always.

"You're such a slut, [Name]. I bet you want more, don't you?~" he asked you. You just nodded and he pulled you up and positioned you on his hard and big member. In a blink of an eye he was fully inside of you, a scream of pain and pleasure filled the room. Tears formed in the corner of your eyes. He began to trust in you at a very big speed which made you close your eyes in pure bliss. This feeling was so wrong yet very VERY good.

"Ahhh...Oh..Yahh~..I-Ivan~" you moaned out, trowing your head back in pleasure.

"That's right, [Name]~..Scream my name, so everyone knows that you belong to me and me only." he said as he picked up speed, slamming you on the wall. That's how you liked sex with Ivan, rough and with no mercy.

"Ivan.." you moan, no louder than a whisper.

"LOUDER." he growled in your ear, biting your neck, leaving a very visible and purple hickey.

"IVAN!!!" you screamed out as the orgasm hit you and him. He pulled out of you and picked you up bridal style. He opened the door to your bedroom and put you down. He moved next to you and held you in a protective hug. You smiled and nuzzled on his chest.

"I love you, my little sunflower." he said as he kissed your forehead.

"I love you too, Ivan." you said as you fall asleep. He may be rough, dominant and possessive, but that's how you loved your man.
:bulletpurple:Request for :iconfayjan19:

I hope you like it^^:heart:

Alright, writing this, made me like Russia more O.o

I don't own Hetalia, the characters and preview picture. Preview picture is from
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