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January 22, 2013


10 (who?)

[ ] You are super lazy.
[x] You have a thing for cats.
[x] You are relaxed.
[ ] You go with the flow.
[ ] You are a slob and your room is proof.
[x] You are a super sadist and man are you violent!
[x] You don't know your own strength and you tend to hurt others by accident which afterwords you get either depressed or angry for hurting them.
[ ] You are scared of dogs.
[ ] You're not very protective and you let people wander and get in trouble.
[ ] You hate it when people make a mess and force them to clean it, usually resulting in an even bigger mess.
[x] You might seem cold, but around your love you're as sweet as can be.
[x] You have a strange sense of humor.

Total: 6


[x] You like all kinds of art such as; fan-art, manga, realistic, but especially tattoos.
[ ] You don't find them painful at all.
[ ] You're a bit of a loner.
[ ] You don't get mad, you instead sulk around and ignore others around you.
[x] You are very clever and a bit of a con-artist.
[x] You can be a bit of a two-face, saying one thing but meaning another.
[ ] You have a katana.
[ ] You are a master at karate.

Total: 3

Italy [North]

[x] You are no coward.
[ ] You love to start trouble and get into fights.
[x] You need opponents who can put up a good fight.
[ ] You "playfully" pounce on others.
[x] You are slightly innocent.
[ ] You can be a bit shy when it comes to "going all the way".
[x] You love to wrestle around with others and see who is more dominant.
[ ] You're a good cook.
[x] Are you bi-polar?
[x] Can you go from being playful and loving and insane and sadistic in a heartbeat
[ ] You have a thing for pasta.
[x] You have a thing for blood.
[x] You have a thing for knives.

Total: 10

Italy [South] - Romano

[ ] You love fashion.
[ ] You act like a girl from the movie 'Mean Girls.'
[ ] You are into the latest fashion and you NEED to look fabulous.
[ ] You're a diva.
[ ] You need attention or else you will die.
[ ] You're extremely polite.
[ ] You have a very condescending way of speaking.
[ ] When angry, you act like some sort of a lunatic with a mixture of mafia personality.
[ ] You are a MAJOR flirt...with anybody.

Total: 0


[ ] You like to wear maid dresses.
[ ] You are very selfish and you don't think of anyone except for yourself.
[ ] You think only with your you-know-what.
[ ] You love sex, and that's all you ever think about.
[ ] You prefer lust over love.
[ ] You're lazy.
[ ] You live by the motto, "Sleep, eat, screw."
[ ] You're not very loyal.
[ ] You're a major smoker.
[x] You don't handle rejection well, or being dumped.
[x] You can be very sadistic and grouchy, but may loosen up for a certain someone.
[x] You can swing either way any time of the day.

Total: 3


[x] You are a very bad boy/girl.
[x] You're tough and streetwise and won't hesitate to beat the living *** out of someone.
[x] You are very blunt and sarcastic, to the point of being rude.
[x] You mind it when you insult someone.
[x] You can be sadistic.
[x] You are very protective
[x] You have a very strange sense of humor.
[x] You are very independent and don't like it when people get clingy.
[x] You curse like there's no tomorrow.
[x] You like bondage.
[x] You like baseball.

Total: 11


[x] You are very sweet and loving.
[ ] You often talk to yourself, although you'll deny it and say you're talking to your friends.
[ ] You can't take criticism well.
[x] You don't sulk when insulted; you badly wound the person that insulted you.
[ ] You always carry a knife around you know how to use it.
[ ] You're a great baker and cook, but you seem to often use unusual ingredients.
[ ] You have freckles but are ashamed and want to cover them up.
[x] You hate to see others sad or depressed.
[x] You are madly in love with cupcakes.
[ ] You have some very odd friends that no one can see.'
[x] You love cute things such as; rainbows, rabbits, unicorns, butterflies, etc.

Total: 5


[x] You are very strong.
[ ] You are an outdoors woman/man and love to hunt.
[ ] You're a bit on the quiet side.
[x] You are not easily forgotten.
[ ] You hate poachers and people who destroy the environment.
[ ] You're like a hippy, without the pot smoking and World Peace stuff.
[ ] You're not really big on the whole "Kissing and hugging and holding hands" thing.
[x] You hate it when people mistake you for someone else and usually beat the crap out of them for it.
[x] You love pancakes and maple syrup.
[x] You love ice hockey.
[x] You like bears, preferably the Polar Bears.

Total: 6


[ ] You are quiet, shy, and you hardly ever speak.
[ ] You always seem angry and are constantly frowning.
[ ] Your past has left you more than a little disturbed.
[ ] You're very violent, but usually don't show his anger until right before you strike
[x] You hold grudges for a very long time.
[ ] If someone makes you mad and escapes, you'll hunt them down until they're dead.
[ ] You love sunflowers and warmth.
[x] You will instantly warm up to anyone who is truly nice to you and gives you sunflowers.
[ ] You are very paranoid about people leaving you, to the point you're obsessive and stalker-ish.

Total: 2


[ ] You live by the motto: "Things get better with age."
[x] You're a wise, and kind woman/man.
[ ] You don't have much of a temper and you're not sadistic.
[ ] You're NOT innocent and are very paranoid and you often hurt people you think will hurt you.
[ ] You're jumpy and a bit high strung.
[x] It takes a lot to calm down for you.
[x] People should NEVER scare you, unless they want to be kicked halfway across the world.
[x] You're very strong.
[x] You love pandas.
[ ] You want to preserve your culture.

Total: 5

RESULT: 2P!America...Why I am not surprised? Oh yes...Because that jackass lives with me and his attitude is contagious. Thank God I have 2P!Canada who puts him in place.
  • Mood: Pride
  • Listening to: Panda Hero by Gumi
  • Reading: Reader Inserts
  • Watching: Hetalia/Horror Movies/Anime
  • Playing: L4D
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: tea/blood
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PurpleBird13 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm 2p! Italy
...I guess he's my favorite for a reason.. :3
RaphaelaTheTurtel Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's right XD
PurpleBird13 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ROCHUKAWAII Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I got 2p England! WOO!!!
RaphaelaTheTurtel Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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ROCHUKAWAII Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
My favorite 2P!!!!!!
The-Ninja-Artist Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Mine came out with me being 2p!Canada (which shocked me), then secomd person was shared with everyone exept 2p!Romano, 2p!France, and 2p!Italy. What the heck XD!?
RaphaelaTheTurtel Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*shrug* Don't know XD
The-Ninja-Artist Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
XD Lol
SilverTree10 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Well first it was north Italy, but in the end I got 2p!England.

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